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Ballet Barre (Coated ・Non-Coated )

Ballet Barre (Coated ・Non-Coated )


\ 10,000- \ 21,000(including tax)

Usage Scenes Various Dance / Ballet
Size Diameter 60mm Diameter 45mm
2m 3m
Color Non-Coated / Coated
Material Glued laminated lumber
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Description *Calculation example
Diameter 60mm Non-Coated 2.5m
\ 19,000(Barre 60mm Non-Coated 3m)+ \ 1,100(Cutting Fee)= \ 20,100
 [B-31] Non-Coated 3m Diameter 60mm  \ 19,000(including tax)
 [B-32] Non-Coated 2m Diameter 60mm  \ 12,000(including tax)
 [B-33] Non-Coated 3m Diameter 45mm  \ 15,000(including tax)
 [B-34] Non-Coated 2m Diameter 45mm  \ 10,000(including tax)
 [B-35] Coated 3m Diameter 60mm  \ 21,000(including tax)
 [B-36] Coated 2m Diameter 60mm  \ 14,000(including tax)
 [B-37] Coated 3m Diameter 45mm  \ 17,000(including tax)
 [B-38] Coated 2m Diameter 45mm  \ 12,000(including tax)
 [B-80] Cutting Fee(1 time)  \ 1,100(including tax)

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Marty Group Companies operate construction of Dance Studios and management of a Ballet School.

Manufacture and Sales of Dance Products
Interior Design and Finishing for School

Osaka Office1 & 2F NS Bldg. 1-3-6 Minami-Kyuhojimachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 541-0058

Tokyo Office301, KI Bldg. 2-13-35 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, 141-0021

Management for Ballet School
Shin-Yokohama Ballet & Dance Studio

Fujika Building B1F ,2-5-9 Shin-Yokohama,
Kohoku-ku,Yokohama 222-0033