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Marty Line 1st A/W NEW

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Marty TightsFootedImageCPMP

Marty Tights Convertible
W \ 1,580(including tax \ 1,706)
J \ 1,490(including tax \ 1,609)

Marty TightsFootedImageCPMP

Marty Tights Footed
W \ 1,390(including tax \ 1,501)
J \ 1,300(including tax \ 1,404)

Marty Color Leotard Tears Back ImageRBOPAM

[MXZ]Marty Color Leotard
Crossed Back
\ 4,080(including tax \ 4,406)

Marty Color Leotard Tears Back ImageRORBAG

[MOZ]Marty Color Leotard
Tears Back
\ 4,360(including tax \ 4,708)

Warm-Knit Top ImageBKIVPI

Warm-Knit Top
\ 4,730(including tax \ 5,108)

Warm-Knit Top Junior ImageBKIVPI

Warm-Knit Top Junior
\ 4,540(including tax \ 4,903)

Gathered TシャツImageBKPIDLA

Side-Shirring Long Sleeve
\ 3,520(including tax \ 3,801)

Warm Knit Shorts ImageBKIVPI

Warm Knit Shorts
\ 4,080(including tax \ 4,406)

Warm Knit Shorts Junior ImageBKIVPI

Warm-Knit Shorts Junior
\ 3,900(including tax \ 4,212)

Warm Knit Socks ImagePIPU

Warm Knit Socks
\ 1,300(including tax \ 1,404)

Warm Knit Socks Junior ImagePIPU

Warm Knit Socks Junior
\ 1,210(including tax \ 1,306)

Warm Knit Leg Warmer ImageDGYDPU

Warm Knit Leg Warmer
\ 1,760(including tax \ 1,900)

Stretch Long Pants ImageBK

Stretch Long Pants
\ 5,000(including tax \ 5,400)

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Marty Line 2nd List A/W NEW

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Bicolor Velour CamisoleImageBKBERORPU

Bicolor Velour Camisole
\ 7,040(including tax \ 7,603)

Paisley Tulle Camisole LeotardImageBKBERORPUKH

Paisley Tulle Camisole Leotard
\ 6,950(including tax \ 7,506)

Lace Velour Straps LeotardImageBKOWBERO

Lace Velour Straps Leotard
\ 7,230(including tax \ 7,808)

Paisley Tulle LeotardImageBKBERORPUKH

Paisley Tulle Leotard
\ 7,230(including tax \ 7,808)

Bicolor Knit TopsImagePIBEBLPU

Bicolor Knit Tops
\ 5,560(including tax \ 6,004)

Dual Warm Tops ImageBKPUBGR

Dual Warm Tops
\ 5,560(including tax \ 6,004)

Paisley Tulle Skirt ImageBKBERORPUKH

Paisley Tulle Skirt
\ 5,280(including tax \ 5,702)

Soft touch Shorts ImageBKDGY

Soft touch Shorts
\ 4,360(including tax \ 4,708)

Bicolor Knit Shorts ImagePIBEBLPU

Bicolor Knit Shorts
\ 4,630(including tax \ 5,000)

Bicolor Knit Leg Warmers ImagePIBEBLPU

Bicolor Knit Leg Warmer
\ 3,250(including tax \ 3,510)

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Marty Line 3rd A/W NEW

Marty line 1stMarty line 2ndMarty line 3rd
Warm TopsStripe ImagePU

Warm TopsStripe
\ 5,190(including tax \ 5,605)

Warm TopsImageGY

Warm Tops
\ 4,820(including tax \ 5,205)

Warm  Shorts Stripe ImagePU

Warm Shorts Stripe
\ 5,190(including tax \ 5,605)

Warm  Shorts ImageGY

Warm Shorts
\ 4,820(including tax \ 5,205)

Cropped Pants ImageBK

Cropped Pants
\ 6,490(including tax \ 7,009)

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Group Companies

Marty Group Companies operate construction of Dance Studios and management of a Ballet School.

Manufacture and Sales of Dance Products
Interior Design and Finishing for School

Osaka Office1 & 2F NS Bldg. 1-3-6 Minami-Kyuhojimachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 541-0058

Tokyo Office301, KI Bldg. 2-13-35 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, 141-0021

Management for Ballet School
Shin-Yokohama Ballet & Dance Studio

Fujika Building B1F ,2-5-9 Shin-Yokohama,
Kohoku-ku,Yokohama 222-0033